Issue I

This zine began as a small fancy, something I thought up some sleepless summer night long ago. Eventually, with the help of 'the Lost Souls,' as we so christened ourselves, it grew into something real. We decided on the theme of 'Lost Things,' and began creating our pages from our separate corners of the earth. It's finally finished, and we'd all appreciate it if you had a look, and left any thoughts you may have here.
xx Rachel

Download A History of Lost Things (.pdf)

Contributors: Anjelica (p. 4-6, 41), Basil (p.15-20), Elina (p.11-14), Elly (p21-26), Rachel (p.7-10), Sarah (p. 27-30), Vera (p.31-34)

All content is (c) The Lost Souls, please do not use or redistribute without permission.


  1. Completely divine, perfect despite its transparency. What lucky girls, to have been able to un-lose such precious things. xox

  2. Is this open for say? I'd really, truly adore to purchase this divine creation. xxx

  3. (Correction)
    "Is this open for sale?"


  4. No, unfortunately. Printing and selling it would be very time-consuming and complicated, that's why we choose to release it as a digital (and free) download. Sorry.

  5. This was the loveliest little zine I have ever had the pleasure in reading. I especially adored the "coffee with the deceased". Really, you are all to be congratulated :)

    xx Carina

  6. This was the perfect read for a late afternoon of December. Your different sensibilities complement one another very nicely.
    Congratulations to all,

  7. I cried, afterwards.

  8. I wonder if whomever wrote this would let me know who wrote the "A Guide to Getting Lost", pretty please?

  9. AnonymousJune 28, 2012

    Hello :) Will there be any more zines like this one? I absolutely love it!